DailyStep Lezioni Extra

Con queste lezioni, si può imparare l'inglese attraverso la letteratura, il teatro, la commedia, il parlato reale e molto altro ancora!

Le lezioni extra di DailyStep possono essere aggiunte alle normali lezioni audio di DailyStep oppure utilizzate senza un’iscrizione completa a DailyStep.


Charles Dickens' famous ghost story, written in simple English and ideal for low level English learners. Listen online or download as MP3 audio and E-Book, and learn anywhere.


This 4-module audio course has 2 full length audio e-books, plus a real conversation about the story and about Dickens. Listen online as many times as you like, or download as MP3 audio and e-book, and learn anywhere.


This great mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle comes in an unabridged audio e-book with notes on vocabulary & style. Plus, a real conversation about English literature fully transcribed and notated. Notice the difference between the complex language in the story and the informal style of conversation. A great way to learn English!


On 15th April 1912, the Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg, leaving only 822 survivors. Learn more about this heartbreaking tragedy through this fascinating English course.


This advanced course is packed with phrasal verbs, idioms and slang. The main London accents here are cockney, estuary and R.P. so you will hear how people really talk in London!