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Jane Lawson English Teacher in LondonWe regularly create exciting new pages with audio lessons, practice for exams such as IELTS, audio proverbs, picture and video lessons - and you can find out which subjects are coming soon in the DailyStep subscriber audio lessons! Jane and Brendan hope you enjoy the blogs, and if you have any questions at all, please do email me at jane@dailystep.com.


Learn how to use this great informal question structure. Plus, find out all next week's topics in the DailyStep Audio Lessons!


Why is formal English so different from informal English? Where do phrasal verbs come from? Why does English have so many words meaning the same thing? Find out here....


Free audio and PDF download of this great proverb, plus find out all the topics coming soon in the DailyStep Audio Lessons


Learn how to think in English - either British or American! Pick your accent and become a fluent English speaker with these great self-study tips.


Improve your English for IELTS Speaking Test part 2


Bren teaches you some language for guitars and music


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What is your favourite film? Learn to talk about it and improve your IELTS score!


How many meaning of GET can you understand, and how many can you actually use in conversation?