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Jane Lawson English Teacher in LondonWe regularly create exciting new pages with audio lessons, practice for exams such as IELTS, audio proverbs, picture and video lessons - and you can find out which subjects are coming soon in the DailyStep subscriber audio lessons! Jane and Brendan hope you enjoy the blogs, and if you have any questions at all, please do email me at jane@dailystep.com.


Learn the difference between these 3 idioms: IN THE NICK OF TIME, AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR, AT THE LAST MINUTE.


Is it correct to say THE SKY WAS A CLEAR BLUE? Learn about this use of the indefinite article.


Practise for your IELTS Speaking Test with this sample answer about watching the sky, with key phrases highlighted - and a beautiful photograph.


How many of these English nautical idioms can you understand and use in conversation? Test your knowledge here!


Practise for your IELTS Speaking Test with this sample answer about my favourite season, Spring, with key phrases highlighted.


Practise for your IELTS Speaking Test with this sample answer, with key phrases highlighted.


Check your understanding of English conditionals with this interactive quiz. You can take the quiz and also revise my last 2 lessons on this topic here.


Can you use Second, Third and Mixed Conditionals properly? And what are the common pronunciation and grammar problems with these structures? Learn more here!


How many different conjunctions can you use instead of IF in Zero and First Conditional clauses? What is the difference between PROVIDING and AS LONG AS in conditional clauses? Learn more here!


It's time to get enthusiastic about learning grammar.. yes you heard that right! Let's look at why grammar is so important and why even native English speakers have to know the rules.