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Save 30% on all DailyStep Lessons

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This week's topics in the DailyStep Audio Lessons:

Level 5: Advanced Level

Learning the piano.  Max has just bought a new piano to replace the violin that he was finding so difficult to master. Will he have more success with the piano or will he give it up after a few months like he did with the violin? Max and Maxine discuss the difficulties and pleasures of learning a new musical instrument. In these 5 lessons, you will also learn loads of idioms, phrasal verbs and advanced conversation techniques.

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DailyStep Level 4: High Intermediate Level

Debate about war.  In these 5 lessons, Amanda and Glen discuss the subject of war and conflict and ask whether war is inevitable. With advances in technology, war has become more and more deadly. Using persuasive vocabulary, learn how to debate the question: will there ever be a non-violent way of solving the world’s problems? These lessons will also teach you plenty of idioms and phrasal verbs. 

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Level 3: Intermediate Level

Dealing with a problem. Janice has lost her purse in the supermarket. She is very worried and she asks the security guard what she can do about it. These 5 lessons are great for learning how to report problems and describe lost items, and also how to help someone.


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Level 2: Elementary Level

Visiting a restaurant.  These 5 lessons will teach you how to ask about a particular dish on the menu, or what the daily specials are. There’s lots of useful vocabulary, and expressions for learners of all levels. Great for people who work in restaurants as well!

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Level 1: Beginner Level

Talking about football.  John and Anna discuss their favourite football teams and football players. These 5 lessons will help you to do the same. Also, you’ll learn the correct way to ask and answer questions. 

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Save 30% on all DailyStep Lessons