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Indefinite article A with colour - A CLEAR BLUE?

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This is Jane Lawson's Audio Blog #143 at DailyStep English

Jane Lawson,  English Teacher at DailyStep EnglishHello, I'm Jane at DailyStep English and welcome to my Audio Blog!
Thank you to Alexander in Belarus for this question about last week’s IELTS blog. He asked why I said 
The sky was a clear, deep blue, with only a few light clouds...”, as he thought the indefinite article A was a misprint, and that the correct sentence would be either
“The sky was clear, deep blue, with only a few light clouds…” or
“The sky was a clear one, deep blue, with only a few light clouds...”
This is a very good question. My sentence is correct, and we often use this structure, A + COLOUR ADJECTIVE, when we are referring to the quality of a colour
So “The sky was a clear, deep blue” means
"The sky was a clear, deep blue colour", or 

“The sky was a clear, deep shade of blue”. 
However, Alexander you are absolutely right, we do not need the A here, and both your sentences are also correct. Now, here are some audio summaries of all the topics in next week’s DailyStep Audio Lessons. If you are new to DailyStep, you can get 5 free lessons here

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