IELTS Speaking Test Part 2: Describe a place you have recently visited

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IELTS Speaking Test PART 2 Sample Question and Answer

by Jane Lawson at

Question: Describe a place you have recently visited. You should say:

  • where you went
  • who you went with
  • how you got there
  • and explain why you enjoyed it.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 - Describe a place you have recently visited

Answer:  A couple of months ago I went to the Greek island of Crete. We stayed in a town called Xania, which is on the coast in the north west of Crete. It is a really picturesque town with small cobbled streets, a large harbour and many ancient buildings. I went there with my husband Brendan for a one-week holiday.

We got there by various means of transport, taking a train to the airport, then a four-hour flight, followed by a twenty-minute taxi ride from the airport to where we were staying. The whole journey took around eight hours from door to door, which was a bit longer than we expected it to take, although we didn't have any major delays, thank goodness. 

I enjoyed my stay there very much, as I had not had a holiday for ages and needed to switch off from working. We didn't do much sightseeing, although Xania itself has a long and fascinating history so went to the local museum in order to learn more about it. I spent a lot of time reading books and swimming in the sea, which I must admit was quite a lot colder than I thought it would be. I also enjoyed eating the delicious Cretan food,  and walking around the ancient streets in the town. 

One of the things I enjoyed the most was going to a restaurant called Xalkina, where they had live Cretan music every night. The musicians were playing instruments that I had never seen before, and I loved the style and tempo of the music they played. I would definitely like to go back to Crete one day, though next time I would probably make more effort to see the amazing sights of the rest of Crete.

This sample answer took around 2 minutes, which is the maximum time you need to speak without stopping in Part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam.  Now, try this yourself, and if possible record your answer so you can listen back to it.

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