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Jane Lawson English Teacher in LondonHello! I'm Jane at DailyStep English. Here are all the lesson topics for the week beginning on Monday 17 July 2017 in the DailyStep Audio Lessons. There are 5 lessons per week at each level, and you can join any time in the week to get all 5 lessons. Remember to speak along with the audio to improve your pronunciation and intonation! 
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DailyStep Level 5: Advanced Level

Discussing embarrassment and emotion.   Have you ever done anything really embarrassing or made a fool of yourself in public? Maybe it’s something that still makes you cringe when you think about it, or maybe it’s something you would rather just forget. Here Noel and Sandy talk about their most embarrassing moments. Great lessons for getting to know each other, and as usual, there are loads of idioms, phrasal verbs and advanced structures.

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DailyStep Level 4: High Intermediate Level

Discussing the environment.   Climate change is an issue that affects everyone on the planet. In these 5 lessons John expresses his frustration at not being able to do enough to stop global warming, while Sandy talks about some of the ways that scientists are working to improve the situation. These lessons are useful for demonstrating how to use technical language to put across a logical argument, and you will learn plenty of idioms and vocabulary related to the environment. 

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DailyStep Level 3: Intermediate Level

How was your holiday?  Patrick has just returned from a summer holiday, and Janice asks him all about it. They talk about the location, the weather, the people, and the food. These 5 lessons are great practice for making conversation and small talk with colleagues, friends and neighbours – and also, of course, for talking about your own holidays.

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DailyStep Level 2: Elementary Level

English conversation using adjectives. With these 5 short conversations, you will learn how to compare adjectives in English, and how to ask and answer questions correctly. These lessons will teach you important grammar and conversation skills.

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DailyStep Level 1: Beginner Level

Asking for directions and using prepositions.  In these 5 lessons, you will learn how to ask and answer questions using prepositions of place, such as IN, ON and AT.  Also, you will learn how to ask for directions and give directions, so if you are a tourist or you work with tourists, these lessons are for you. 

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